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Hello lovies,

my exams are finally over and I can't wait to focus on the more fun things in life. On Friday I will be leaving for a ski trip to Austria, which I am super excited about as it's been two years since I last skied.
When I started to think about what I needed to bring on this trip, I decided to share my travel essentials with you.

Now I don't really now why, but I always get ill after traveling, especially after flights and train rides, which is why I always have to bring a scarf with me to minimize the risk of a sore throat. Also, if I bring a blanket scarf, I can also use it as an actual blanket when I feel cold.

Hand Sanitizer
About five years ago, I was supposed to go skiing with my dad and brother, but somehow during our journey I must have picked up a virus or something, because I basically spent the whole trip in bed or near the toilet, if you know what I mean. 
Because that was one of the worst trips of my life, being in the most beautiful place but unable to explore and make the most of it, ever since then I cannot travel without hand sanitizer. While to some people it might not make much of a difference, I definitely feel a lot cleaner when I use it, especially when being in dirty train stations or after using a public restroom.

Lip Balm & Hand Cream
On trains and airplanes there is always a lot of air-conditioning and I always feel like it really dries out my skin. Because I hate feeling uncomfortable while I travel, I like to bring both lip balm and a hand cream with me.

A Good Read
Because I'm not the kind of person that falls asleep while traveling, I get bored super easily on long journeys. That's why I like to bring a good book or my favorite magazine. I also barely have the time to read in everyday life, which is why I really enjoy having this time to do something I love.

When I'm not reading, I love listening to music. Especially on flights, I need a bit of calming music because I will admit, I don't necessarily enjoy flying. Music therefore always helps me to relax.

I like to have sunglasses at hand for two reasons. I mostly travel without any makeup so I will use the sunglasses to hide my monstrous under-eye circles. Second, to me there is nothing more annoying than being unable to look out of the window because you're blinded by the sun.

What are your travel essentials? I'd love to hear about them in the comments. Come say hi.

Lots of love,


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