The Past Seven Days #3


Happy sunday lovies. Here's what happened in my life this past week.

Best of the week: We have made some very exciting plans for when exams are over. I can't wait to tell you guys more about them soon!

Worst of the week: I try not too let this get too me too much, but exams are really stressing me out. I feel like I barely have a life anymore. If you have any tips on how to study successfully without fully loosing it, please let me know in the comments. :)

Product of the week: My absolute favorite product this week is the Weleda body oil. It smells absolutely amazing and relaxes me even after I've had a bit of a bad day. I generally really love Weleda's products, they just always work for me, whether it's their lip balms or their creams, they're all amazing.

Onlineshop Favourite of the Week:
This super cool jeans skirt from Asos. I don't own many skirts but I feel like I would wear this a ton and it will definitely be part of my next order.

Song of the Week: Prisoner by James Arthur

See more of my week on Snapchat (fia.snaps) or Instagram Stories (lace.and.lilies). I hope you've had an amazing week and your next one is going to be even better.


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